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If you’re looking for tile and grout cleaning services in Streator IL, we’ve got what you need. Tile and grout cleaning is vital to the function and beauty of tile floors and walls. Over time, tile and grout can become stained and discolored due to dirt, spills, and other build-ups. Grout is a porous material that can allow mold and mildew to grow. As a result, tile and grout cleaning is essential to maintain the health of your tile floors and walls.

So, how do you keep the floor in your house clean? J&M Reliable is here for you. We offer top-quality tile and grout cleaning services that leave your surfaces looking clean and new again.

tile and grout cleaning
We know the tile and grout cleaning process is time-consuming and exhausting. And homeowners who are tired of spending hours on their own cleaning projects can hire a professional tile and grout cleaner. This service offers an attractive cost-saving over DIY methods. It also ensures that the job will get done right the first time around with no fuss or bother! We can save you from scrubbing your tiles or dealing with messy chemicals that could damage them if not done well.

Our professional and experienced team will ensure your tile and grout are clean and safe from dirt or stains. We use high-pressure hot water extraction to get rid of all soap scum. Once we’ve completed the cleaning process, you can be confident that any future problem areas won’t show up for quite some time. Why? Because our sealing technique ensures perfect protection against determined bacteria. So, you’ll be able to maintain beautiful surfaces while preventing problems down the road.

We’re confident that our tile and grout cleaning services will leave your home looking as good as new. We back them 100% with a satisfaction guarantee. So, you can feel confident knowing we have everything covered!

The Benefits of Our Grout Cleaning Services

Cleaner and Fresher

All surfaces in your home are cleaned and disinfected without leaving any excessive residue. Also, after cleaning, the space will be left cleaner and fresher.


With our green cleaning solution, you can enjoy a healthier environment. It is free of allergens and bacteria. It will benefit those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions as it eliminates the triggers for their symptoms.

It’s time to get your home disinfected with an eco-friendly product like ours – we’ve got everything covered. So, there are no worries about what kindle emitters may be present inside today.

The Benefits of Our Tile Cleaning Services

Better-Looking Floors

Our guarantee ensures that your home is always clean and flesh, no matter the size or difficulty. We use safe solutions for residue removal. So, there are never any unhealthy particles left behind in any room throughout your house after one visit from us.

Our staff will provide thorough cleaning services while ensuring everything stays damage-free. It means better-looking floors all around.

Proactive Approach

We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your family’s safety. We use a proactive approach that eliminates all potential for harmful allergens. Our cleaning agents not only clean but also prevent the growth of bacteria and mold spores and are safe to use during maintenance.

The Benefits of Our Sealing Services

Long-Lasting Clean

Once floors and vertical surfaces have been cleaned, they should be sealed to protect them from dirt, dust, and other harmful substances. A clear coat provides an effective long-lasting barrier. It protects both internal surfaces like furniture and external ones such as window sills in your home.

Long-term Wellness

Our sealant is water-based, silicone-free, and environmentally friendly. It does not have the high odors of solvent-based products. It can be applied to surfaces without any damage or smell, making the process much easier for you. This eco-friendly product also biodegrades after use. It will leave no trace of an unwanted residue behind for future generations to deal with.

With over 40 years in business, we’re one of the top tile and grout cleaners in Streator, IL. J&M Reliable, we’ve helped hundreds of customers like you who were extremely pleased with our excellent services.

And we are confident that your experience will be as well. So, you can feel confident knowing your home is being taken care of by professionals who know what they’re doing.

We are the best at what we do. Our services will make your life easier. Are you looking for the best tile and grout cleaning services? Contact us today for a free quote or schedule a tile and grout cleaning appointment.

Let’s Work Together for the Tile & Grout Cleaning!

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