Most Reliable Floor Stripping & Waxing Services in Streator, IL.

We offer Floor Stripping & Waxing Services for buildings of any size. Our team is ready to take care of all your floor cleaning, waxing, and stripping needs.

Get your floors looking like new.

We can help you with routine floor maintenance – and we’re not just talking about waxing! Our services include stripping, cleaning, refinishing, and recoating the floor of any surface material, including wood, marble, ceramic, and more.

Floor Stripping Services

Our floor stripping services will remove dirt, wax, and other buildups from your floors. It’s an effective way to reveal beautiful, smooth floors ready for refinishing. Our professionals use high-quality tools and equipment to remove dirt and grime while preserving your existing flooring safely. It’s also a great way to protect your carpeted areas from damage.

So why choose us? We’re proud to say that our services are thorough and professional. We use high-quality tools and equipment to remove dirt and grime while preserving your existing flooring safely. Plus, our technicians take special care to protect your carpeted areas from damage. And our floor stripping process is both easy and convenient. So whether you need a minor cleaning or a full-scale renovation, we’re the company to call.

So if you need a floor stripping service, call us today!

Floor Waxing Services

Our floor waxing services are the perfect solution for keeping your floors looking their best. It involves applying a layer of wax to the floor surface using a unique applicator. The polish then dries, creating a protective layer that keeps dirt from getting trapped beneath the finish and keeps your floors looking great.

In addition to protecting your floors from dirt, moisture, and wear, our floor waxing also creates an attractive sheen that makes your wood floors look fresh and updated. Whether you’re looking to make a simple update to your floors or want to revamp your space completely, our floor waxing services are the perfect solution for keeping your floors looking their best.

Why Choose J&M Reliable Floor Stripping & Waxing Services?

Save money with professional floor cleaning. Your floors are the first impression your building gives to customers and visitors. When they’re discolored, dirty, or full of grime, it reflects poorly on your building’s interior and overall appearance.

At J&M Reliable, we understand the practicality of hardy floors in buildings that outlast generations and the aesthetic need to keep them looking their best! When it comes to floor maintenance.

Saving floors since 1975: Your floor is the first thing visitors see when they walk into your building—it’s an impression they carry with them when they leave. Protect your whole interior with J&M Reliable’s certified professional services.

Let us give your floors a new lease on life: We’ll get them back to their shiny, beautiful selves with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

The most dependable cleaners in your neighborhood!

Tracking dirt and abrasive soil into the building floors eventually damages them. Mopping and scrubbing with ammonia-based chemical products and bleach worsen the situation. These practices harm any flooring and strip them of their luster.

If your floors are dull and damaged, with unsightly grout patches, you can be sure it is time for some restorative care. If you sight mold and mildew accumulating on the floor surface, fix an appointment for restoration immediately!

Contact us at 815-672-7514!

Caution: Strip and Wax Floors to Prevent Hazards!

Old and damaged floorings are hazardous! People may slip and fall, causing physical injuries. Timely restorative care can make your floor cleaning more manageable in the future and promote hygiene.

Stripping and waxing floors may be time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, it is an indispensable part of building maintenance. It protects your floors from further damage, revives their appearance, and reduces the risks of slip and fall accidents.

Don't Risk DIY. Leave It to The Experts!

Some may consider DIYing the process of stripping and waxing their floors. However, improper amateur techniques and malfunctioning equipment may worsen your floor conditions, making them insubstantial, and lead to avoidable workplace accidents!

When stripping and waxing floors, it is always better to leave it to us, experienced professionals. If you are worried about money, we promise you to deliver the best services at honest pricing. We provide budget-friendly services for any need.

Contact us for a free estimate at 815-672-7514.

Trust Us to Provide Green Cleaning Solutions!

At J&M Reliable, we take your family’s health seriously. Therefore we make sure that our cleaning products are free of allergens that may be harmful. Our process ensures that the growth of bacteria and mold is prevented.

Our green cleaning solution will benefit those with asthma or other respiratory conditions as it eliminates the triggers for their symptoms. It disinfects your floors while keeping you safe.

Choose J&M Reliable for the Best Service in Streator!

With 40 years of experience restoring floors, we are the best in trade at Streator! You can trust us with your renovation, as we understand what it takes to do the job right.

Ready to start reviving your floors? Call us at 815-672-7514 for a free estimate, or click on the button below to get your free quote.
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