Dirty Carpet? Here’s How Often Your Carpets Should Be Professionally Cleaned

Do your carpets need professional cleaning? Every week? Every month? What about once per year? It’s hard to know how often is too often. But here are some general guidelines for when you should be calling in the pros.

It all depends on what type of carpeting you have, how much foot traffic it gets, and where it is located. For example, if you live in an apartment building with concrete floors that see heavy foot traffic then having your carpets professionally cleaned every three months would probably be necessary to keep them looking fresh and new (and smelling good). If you live in a house with tile or wood floors that get less use than your carpeted living room floor then maybe annual deep cleanings would suffice. In this article, we’ll discuss different factors when considering how often to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It? ​

If you’re thinking about whether having your carpets professionally cleaned is worth the money, consider how much time it would take to clean them yourself. Professional carpet cleaners have special equipment that can scrub and vacuum at the same time. Some of these machines are self-propelled — this means you don’t even need to push or pull them!

And most professional carpet cleaners use truck-mounted cleaning equipment that uses hot water extraction. This is the best way to clean carpets. Hot water extraction forces hot, soapy water deep into your carpets and rinses out with steam. The heat helps lift dirt and grime away from your carpet fibers. It will also kill dust mites if you have an allergy problem.

An average-sized bedroom will take about an hour to complete from start to finish, but you’ll need to allow time for the carpet cleaner to set up and break down their equipment as well as travel between jobs. If you want a more thorough clean of your carpets, double or even triple this amount of time.

Professional carpet cleaners are trained to know how to remove spots and stains from your carpet. They can also prepare your carpets for the summer by removing all allergens, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, and dust mites. Some professionals will even apply a protective coating that prevents spills from ever absorbing into your carpet fibers. This process uses a clear liquid spray, but will not change the color of your carpet at all.

Be sure to include the price of any needed repairs in your budget as well. For example, if you have a pet and it dries out a part of your carpet with its urine then professional carpet cleaners can remove those stains and odors using a special process that uses enzymes to break down the odors. However, if the damage was caused by a large pet or heavy furniture then you might need to have sections of your carpet replaced.

How Often You Should Clean Your Carpets ​

If you have children, pets, or a lot of foot traffic on your carpets then professional cleaning is best done every three months. However, having your carpets professionally cleaned once per year should be sufficient if you live in a small apartment with hardwood or tile floors that do not get too much foot traffic. To hold you over between cleaning appointments, vacuum your carpets daily and get rid of all waste in your home. Keep trash cans covered and always wash your pets’ bedding regularly.

The type of carpeting you have is another factor when determining how often to clean it. For example: If you have a Berber or loop pile carpet, then deep-cleaning can be done once per year. If you have a cut pile or plush carpet, then deep-cleaning should be done every six to twelve months.

The answer also depends on your carpet fibers, as well as where you live and what type of lifestyle you have. For example: If you wear shoes in the house, your carpet will become worn more quickly than if you leave shoes at the door. If you allow pets to run around the house and play on your carpets, they will cause more damage than children’s toys or a parent’s occasional spill.

If You Have Children ​

If you have children, pets, or both then your carpets will need to be professionally cleaned more frequently. If you want to know how often to clean carpet if you have children then the answer is once every three months.

Kids can damage carpets by spilling drinks and food on them or messing up the vacuum cleaner during their playtime.

If You Have Pets ​

If you have pets, then your carpets will need to be professionally deep-cleaned every six to twelve months.

Pets can damage carpet fibers by scratching or marking them with their claws. They can also cause allergies and odors that professional cleaning can remove.

If You Have A Lot Of Foot Traffic On Your Carpets​

If you have a lot of foot traffic then you should have your carpets professionally cleaned once every three months.

You might also need to apply a coating that will prevent spills from absorbing into the fibers of your carpet.

If You Have Allergies ​

For those who suffer from allergies, more frequent professional carpet cleaning is recommended. It is best done every three months.

Vacuuming twice per week and using the proper cleaning chemicals will help your carpets to not collect as much dust or dirt. This can make allergy symptoms subside over time, but it may take multiple seasons to be rid of all allergens in your home.

If You Have Light-Colored Carpets​

If you have light-colored carpets then it is recommended that they are professionally cleaned every three months.

Professional cleaners can remove the dirt, grime, pet stains, and other issues that affect how your carpets look over time.

If You Have Dark-Colored Carpets ​

If you have dark-colored carpets then professional cleaning should be done every six to twelve months.

This is because many cleaners are unable to remove dirt, grime, pet stains, or other issues from darker colored carpets in a single visit due to the dye in them.
Professional carpet cleaners will inspect your carpets before suggesting how often they should be cleaned.

Conclusion ​

Knowing how often to clean your carpets can be a confusing ordeal, but a professional cleaner will always have the answer. They may recommend deep-cleaning once per year if you have hardwood floors or tile throughout your home. If you have children, pets, or both then it is recommended that you schedule a professional cleaning every three months. Call us today to get your next professional cleaning on the books!

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